Al Hasan Milad is an icon of Bangladeshi youngsters


Al Hasan Milad is an author, entrepreneur, influencer and founder and CEO of International Technology of Bangladesh (ITB) and Daily Topnotch Publisher.

He has become an icon of the youth society of the country. Currently working for the development of young society. As the youngest Bangladeshi, he is going to participate in international entrepreneurship level. By doing this, his organization is bringing respect to the country internationally and is playing a significant role in remittances.

Al Hasan Milad launched International Technology of Bangladesh on 09th April 2022, where a total of 38 employees are working.

Milad said, “As our company is social media based, therefore actors, actresses, singers, players, including national and international people, are related.”

“We always try to give the best to our clients. We focus on getting the client’s work done perfectly in terms of profitability. Because if we look at the profit side then we get minimal profit. Due to this, we have more clients,” Milad added.

ITB provides all types of services such as cyber security, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, software development, digital marketing, and social media.

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