Popular YouTuber Mr. Beast earns two and a half million dollars in one videos

The world’s most popular YouTuber Mr. Beast X (formerly Twitter) earned two and a half million dollars by posting a video. This is his first live video posted on X.

But earlier he said that the platform is not suitable for creators’ income, as the ad revenue from videos here is very small.


But recently he changed his position and posted an old video of himself on X and more than 15 million people have seen the video. X’s owner Elon Musk himself shared the video.


He posted this video on YouTube in September last year. More than 21 crore people have watched it on YouTube so far. Mr. Beast mainly makes videos for YouTube and earns most of his money from there.

Twitter was bought by tech entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk in October 2022. Later he changed its name to ‘X’. Since coming under Musk, the company’s revenue has been declining dramatically and he has taken several initiatives to increase revenue. It cannot be said that they have been very successful. It is assumed that Mr. Convincing Beast to post X videos is another such business ploy by Musk.


Musk wants to bring professional content creators into the ad revenue sharing model like YouTube and Facebook. He says it’s possible to get 10 percent more on X than the share of advertising revenue creators get from YouTube.


However, it is difficult to say whether this initiative of Musk will be successful, because the number of users of this platform is less than before.


X’s ad revenue has also dropped significantly due to Musk’s disputes with advertisers over tackling hate speech and misinformation.


Mr. Beast – whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson – previously said it would not be appropriate to post a video on the platform even if it had 100 million views.


But he said, he is interested to see how much income can be made with X video.


In the context of income of two and a half million dollars from the first video, Mr. Beast said in his X post, ‘Advertisers took notice of the video’s attention and bought ads on the video (I think). I think the earnings per view on this video is more than others. He said that the income he earned from the video will be distributed to 10 people on the basis of God’s choice. He also mentioned that the income of two and a half million dollars from a single video is good.


But analysts say, Mr. This would be difficult to replicate in other than the Beast.


“He (Mr. Beast) said he made $250,000 from a video,” said Kirsten Weid, an executive at W Media Research, an advertising and media analytics firm. This income is not bad for a video. But to achieve that you have to have a huge audience.’


According to Forbes estimates published in November 2022, Mr. Beast earns $54 million a year from his YouTube channel. His channel currently has over 234 million subscribers, the highest in YouTube history

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