Al Nasr coach thanks the fans of Bangladesh

Cristiano Ronaldo’s coach is given the status of the love of Bangladeshi fans

Luis Castro

The interest of Bangladeshi football fans in Saudi Arabian football is new. Especially after Cristiano Ronaldo joined the club Al Nasr in January last year, there was a lot of noise. The Saudi Pro League has become a hot topic, just as there is no dearth of interest in the US Major League Soccer (MLS) after Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami.


Not only that, after Ronaldo joined Al Nasr, a Facebook page was also opened in Bangladesh to encourage the club. Apart from this, there are a lot of discussions and argumentative posts of enthusiastic supporters on social media about Al Nasr’s match. The matter did not escape the attention of Al-Nasr-related people. Otherwise Al Nasr coach Luis Castro thanked the fans of Bangladesh!

The matter can now be thought of in this way. Because, last night, a video was posted from the official Facebook page of Al Nasr. In the video, the club’s Portuguese coach Luis Castro is thanking Bangladesh’s Al Nasr fans. It goes without saying that Ronaldo is the biggest reason for the sudden increase in the club’s fan base in Bangladesh in the last one year. The team also includes stars who played in Europe like Sadio Mane, Aymeric Laporte and David Ospina.


All in all, many Bangladeshis are now keeping an eye on the Saudi Pro League schedule. In addition to Al-Nasr Ronaldo, Al-Hilal has Neymar, Al-Ittihad Karim Benzema – it is unusual for the world to not have the attention of the world in the Pro League after these stars who have conquered Europe went to Saudi Arabia!

Football lovers of Bangladesh also floated in that stream of support. Al Nasr coach also thanked for that, “I thank the fans of Bangladesh for their dedication and trust.” Castro took over as Al Nasr coach in July last year after Rudy Garcia was fired. He thanked all the supporters of Al Nasr worldwide, “Thank you to all the supporters worldwide. Especially the supporters of Saudi Arabia, who are supporting Al Nasr. We will try our best until the end of the season. This is our goal.


Posting this video, the caption reads, ‘Warm message to the fans of Bangladesh.’


Al Nasr will face Messi’s Miami today at 12 pm Bangladesh time in the Riyadh Season Cup. Before that, Castro said these things at the press conference. Messi will play in this match, but his fierce rival Ronaldo will not be seen.


Al Nasr coach Castro has confirmed that Ronaldo will not play, according to


38-year-old Ronaldo is suffering from muscle discomfort. Al Nasr coach was asked, in this match Ronaldo vs. Messi fight will be seen or not? In response, Castro gave negative news, “(Messi vs Ronaldo fight) will not be seen. Ronaldo is now in the final stages of rehabilitation. Hope to start practicing with the team in the next few days. He will not play in this match (against Inter Miami).

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