The US has launched attacks on Iran-backed bases in Syria and Iraq


The US has attacked 85 targets in Syria and Iraq. The country carried out the counter-attack in retaliation for a drone attack on one of its military installations in Jordan.


Three US soldiers were killed and more than 40 were injured in the attack last Sunday. The United States is blaming Iran for this attack. However, Iran has denied any involvement and termed the allegation as ‘baseless’.

US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris

US Central Command says it has struck Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force and other allied armed forces.


“Our response begins today,” President Joe Biden said in a statement Friday. It will continue as per our scheduled time and place.”


However, Joe Biden’s counterattack has mixed reactions across the United States. Democrats support it while Republicans criticize it.


US troops in the region have been targeted by Iran-backed groups since the start of the Israel-Gaza war – but last week was the first time they had been killed.

US Army

Reuters reports that US intelligence agencies believe that the drones used in the attack were made by Iran. Iran-backed armed forces allegedly have numerous bases, weapons caches and training centers in Iraq and Syria, from which more than 170 attacks on US bases in the region have been launched since October 7. The US is now targeting these areas.


Long-range bombers were seen taking off from a US military base around noon on Friday.


Before this, Iran and the United States have been saying that neither of them wants to get involved in the war.


However, since Sunday’s attack, it was thought that the US could launch a counter-attack at any time. However, the United States has not directly attacked any Iranian warship on Iranian soil or in the Red Sea.


US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed the attack on 85 targets in Syria and Iraq. He said, “I will not tolerate attacks on US forces. The United States will do whatever it takes to protect our forces and our interests.”


The attacks took place in a total of seven regions, four in Syria and three in Iraq.


“This is just the first phase of their counterattack,” said John Kirby, a spokesman for the US National Council.


He also said that there has been no communication between Iran and the United States since January 28.


For the past few days, there was a cable message being sent from the United States that this counter attack might happen. By doing so, analysts believe that Iran and its allies have been given the opportunity to avoid major casualties.

As a result, severe criticism has started in the political arena. Congressman Byron Daniels wrote online, “This attack should have happened on the day our staff died.”


According to many military experts, the US is too late to strike back. However, the Pentagon says the weather has forced them to delay.


“But by doing this the US is actually signaling that it will not attack Iran,” Hossein Ibish, a fellow at the Arabian Gulf States Institute in Washington, told the BBC.


The BBC’s diplomatic correspondent Paul Adams says the White House wanted to send a message with the attack – a warning to Iran and its allies that no US military personnel will be spared if they die.


The US said in its statement that the attack involved 85 targets in Syria and Iraq, as well as the use of 125 warheads and long-range bombers.


Iran has already said that any attack on them or anything related to their interests will be met with a strong response.


Now in the coming days the President of the United States Mr. Rather than attacking Iranian soil, Biden wants to escalate attacks on Iranian individuals or allies to see if that would escalate the conflict.


US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is scheduled to visit the Middle East this week. He will visit Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Israel and the West Bank from February 4 to 8. This is his fifth visit to the region since October 7

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