SAFF U-19: Bangladesh beat India in the final with Sagarika’s goal


Madhyamani Sagarika celebrating Bangladesh’s winning goal with her teammates. Today against India in Kamalapur

Madhyamani Sagarika celebrating Bangladesh’s winning goal with her teammates. Shamsul Haq Tournament’s top two teams clash against India today at Kamalapur. Both teams won their first two matches. But India was mentally ahead of Bangladesh in one place. After thrashing Bhutan 10-0 in the first match, there was a kind of consensus about the strength of the team. Everyone knew that the match would be challenging for the Bangladesh U-19 women’s team.


But today the girls of Bangladesh did not play great football against the India U-19 team that blew up Bhutan in the SAFF U-19 Championship! Mosammat Sagarika’s goal in the second minute of added time saw coach Saiful Bari’s side beat India 1-0 to seal the final of the SAFF U-19 Championship.

In the second minute of added time of the match, Sagarika stunned the Indian defense by catching Afeeda Khandkar’s extended pass to score the winning goal. Earlier, Munki Akhtar missed an opportunity in the 87th minute. That glimpse of Sagarika was in the frustration of not being able to score despite playing well in the beginning of the match. Sagarika scored a pair of goals against Nepal in the previous match.

It was India who jumped into the attack at the start of the game. Neha almost scored in the 12th minute. But he struck out. Led by Neetu Linda, who played for India in the Women’s U-17 World Cup, India’s midfield was powered by one attack after another. However, in the defense of Bangladesh, captain Afida Khandkar, Zainab Bibi Rita, Surma Jannat handled the Indian attacks well.

Despite many attempts, India could not stop Sagarika from scoring

Golbare Swapna Rani Mondal was also very confident. He was a barrier in front of India’s attack. Bangladeshi girls could have scored early too. In the second minute of the match, Afida’s free kick from just outside the box narrowly went over the crossbar.


It took some time for the Bangladeshi girls to settle down. After that, the booty-booty collision has accumulated well. Bangladesh’s co-captain Swapna Rani made great adjustments in the midfield. Munkey was awesome too. Bangladesh couldn’t create any chance to tell even Swapna, Munkira India’s defense. From the midfield, the Bangladeshi footballers repeatedly snatched the ball from the feet of the Indian players and pushed it forward. But no one could turn them into scoring opportunities.


Bangladesh girls dominated India in the second half. In this half, India did not get any chance. Most of the time was spent in dealing with their attacks on Bangladesh.

However, Bangladesh’s failure to play good dynamic football in this half was not being able to capitalize on scoring opportunities. In the 72nd minute, Swapna Rani found Indian goalkeeper Anika Devi alone but could not score. Sagarika’s surprise at added time at the end. Take advantage of the opportunity. With the victory, the Bangladesh U-19 women’s team leaves the field with the final confirmed.


The next match against Bhutan is just a formality for Bangladesh girls. Afeeda, Swapnad’s eyes are now on the 8th final. Who will they get as an opponent on that day, now the real wait is to see

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