327 Myanmar border guards in Bangladesh with 63 new ones to save lives


The Arakan Army (AA), an insurgent group, is fighting government forces inside Myanmar. Unable to survive this fight, 63 more border guards took refuge in Bangladesh to save their lives.

Today Wednesday they entered Bangladesh. Earlier on Tuesday (February 6) another 264 people took shelter. The number of border guards who have taken shelter in two days has reached 327 people.

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Public Relations Officer Mohammad Shariful Islam confirmed this information. He said that 327 members of the Myanmar Border Guard Force have entered Bangladesh so far due to the ongoing conflict in Myanmar. Apart from BGP members, there are also civilians including army personnel and police personnel. Those who entered Bangladesh with weapons have been disarmed and taken to safe havens.

Some locals have asked, what will Bangladesh consider the Myanmar border guards who have fled to Bangladesh and taken refuge in such a situation? Prisoner of war or refugee? It has created a new crisis in front of Bangladesh with about 1.5 million Rohingya

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