Ukraine war live updates: Tucker Carlson teases interview with Putin; Kremlin says ex-Fox News host is not ‘pro-Russian’


Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday teased a forthcoming interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin — the first to be conducted by a Western journalist since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine almost two years ago.

The Kremlin confirmed Wednesday that the interview had taken place, saying Carlson’s position was neither pro-Ukrainian nor pro-Russian, but “pro-American.”

Russian media outlets have been tracking the former Fox News host’s movements around Moscow for several days amid heightened speculation that an interview could take place. Carlson is a well-known conservative media figure, critical of the West’s backing of Ukraine. He has also previously expressed support for Putin.

Carlson released a video post on social media platform X titled “Why I’m interviewing Vladimir Putin” before lambasting the Western media — claiming that no one had “bothered” to interview the Russian president, and that Western governments would try to censor his interview, without producing evidence to back up his claims.

In truth, Western media outlets are routinely refused interviews with Putin.

The interview will be published on X, Carlson said, as well as on his own media startup. It’s unclear whether the interview has already been conducted, or when it will be released.

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