What would happen if the earth stopped rotating for one second?

There is no hope for a second. This very current dialogue is true to life. Ever wondered what would happen if the Earth stopped rotating for just a second? If the Earth stopped rotating, the human race could be lost in a second. Earth rotates on its axis around the Sun. Completes one rotation in about 24 hours. And it takes about 365 days to complete a full circle around the sun. If the earth’s rotation stops for a second, various catastrophic situations will occur.


Earth completes one complete rotation on its axis in 23 hours and 56 minutes. This rotation is very important for life and environment on our planet. Because the rotation of the earth has an effect on the cycle of day and night. Everything from weather patterns to ocean behavior depends on the Earth’s rotation. Along the equator, the earth’s surface rotates at a speed of about 1,600 kilometers per hour. If this speed suddenly stops, disaster will follow. Whatever is now stationary on the surface will be ejected eastward with destructive speed.

The atmosphere is naturally dynamic. When rotation stops, the atmosphere will collapse on Earth with the force of thousands of hurricanes. Trees will be uprooted, rivers will change course. A sudden stoppage of the Earth’s vortex can also lead to geological disasters. Changes in momentum can cause large earthquakes and tsunamis. The rotation of the planet will also cause changes in the position of the oceans. As a result, huge ocean waves will inundate the coastline.

Scientists have expressed their various ideas about what will happen if the earth’s rotation stops. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said that if rotation suddenly stopped, everyone on Earth would die. People will fly out the window. That will be a bad day for the world. Earth’s rotation is bound to the gravitational field and affects the Moon’s orbit. A sudden stop would upset the delicate balance between the moon and the earth. Even the path of the moon will change. And then it is difficult to say how the tide will be. Although the rotation of the earth is gradually decreasing due to the moon. However, this process is very slow. It takes about 50,000 years for the earth to slow down just one second due to the pull of the moon. A sudden stoppage of rotation for a second would cause a crisis in the natural environment.

According to a report by Astronomy.com, if the rotation stops, our Earth’s magnetic field will change. Although scientists still do not understand anything about that process. The magnetic field is caused by the liquid metal core inside the Earth. Scientists call it dynamo. A web of invisible magnetic fields extends around the planet. Stopping the rotation for a second can cause the effect of the magnetic field to be lost. Earth’s magnetic field protects us from cosmic rays and electromagnetic storms from the Sun. If the rotation stops, the cosmic crisis will be created.

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