After a mistake by the match commissioner and 30 minutes of waiting, India-Bangladesh are joint champions


The toss was controversially decided after the tiebreaker was not settled at 11 shots after the main match was drawn. After winning it, India rejoiced to win the SAF Women’s Under-19 Championship title. However, as the match commissioner went to correct his mistake, drama was created again. If the decision of toss was annulled, India did not agree to play again. After the Bangladesh team stayed on the field for 30 minutes, after a long discussion, both the teams were declared joint champions.

Sri Lankan match commissioner de Silva Jayasuriya’s mistake at the Birshrestha Mustafa Kamal Stadium in Kamalapur on Thursday caused a lot of drama. In the end, both the champion teams corrected that mistake.

Earlier in the match which started at 6 pm, the Indian girls took the lead in the 8th minute with Shivani Devi’s goal. In the whole match, they kept on holding the goal and ran towards the victory. The picture changed when Bangladesh was overcome by the frustration of not being able to repay the goal and was on the verge of defeat. Sagarika flashed in the last minute of added time after the scheduled 90 minutes. His great goal ended the match in a draw.


After the tiebreaker, if all of the eleven shots of the two teams were scored, the game was stopped and the match commissioner gave a message to the match referee to toss. Bangladesh expressed surprise at such a decision. However, Bangladesh captain Afida Khatun went to toss. When India started to celebrate after winning it, the hosts fell down in despair. Who knew that there was still a large part of the play!

The match commissioner later realized his mistake. He decided to overturn the decision of the toss and proceed with the tiebreaker penalty shoot out. However, India did not agree to play as it was declared the winner once before. They left the field. The Bangladesh team stayed on the field and waited for the decision.


After 30 minutes of waiting, the stage was arranged in the center. There the SAF authorities declared both the teams as champions. The eventful final of about five hours ended

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