My memory is right no losses : Joe Biden


US President Joe Biden has claimed that his memory is good enough. Biden responded after an investigative report was released in the wake of his failure to properly handle state secrets. According to the investigation report, the US President mishandled some state secret documents and could not remember some important events in his life.


According to BBC news, in a speech given to the public at the White House on Thursday evening, Biden was sometimes seen to be angry, and sometimes emotional. Biden’s speech was televised live.


Biden was the Vice President during the former US President Barack Obama. Several classified documents from that time were recovered last year from Biden’s Delaware home and his former private firm’s office in Washington, DC. US Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hurr as special counsel to investigate the improper preservation of government records.



In view of this, the report published yesterday by Robert Hu said that Biden’s memory is low. He cannot remember many important events in his life. Even Biden can’t remember when his son Beau died.


President Biden was furious after the publication of this report. He said, ‘My memory is excellent. It is said that I do not remember when my son died. How did he dare to raise such a question?’


In response to reporters’ questions, Biden said, “I am a kind and elderly person.” I know what I am doing. As President, I have taken the country to a strong position. See what I have done after becoming president.


The US presidential election is coming in November. In a 345-page report published by Robert Hoo ahead of the election, the 81-year-old Biden is a kindly old man with a failing memory. However, he could not be found guilty for failing to preserve documents properly.

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