On the night of the wedding, he found out that his wife was pregnant


A young man named Momin Mia of Puran Bazar Refugee Colony in Chandpur city of Bangladesh found out that his wife was pregnant on the last night after marriage. Later that night he divorced his wife after a local test confirmed that she was pregnant. After this incident, the entire family including the bride’s father is now without a home.

On February 2 (Friday), Momin and Smriti got married at the house of North Sakdirampur village in Balithuba West Union of Faridganj Upazila. However, the matter came to light two days ago.

On Friday (February 09) night, the fact of the marriage and separation was confirmed by Balithuba West Union’s 1st Ward UP member Md. Salim.

He said that the girl’s father is a day labourer. He has 4 daughters. This girl is the third. Two elder daughters are married. There is another little girl. I found out that the girl got married in the old market. Then the girl’s father told me on the way to the market a few days ago that his daughter was raped. He then mentioned the name of the young man from his house called Lyton. I advise the chairman to inform about these matters and take legal action.

The people of the groom’s house complained that the people of that family were engaged in anti-social activities for many days. Asking them to refrain from these actions, on the contrary, slanders them. The other families in the house lose their respect for such actions. They wanted legal punishment for the girl’s family. They drew the attention of the administration on the matter.

The bride told the media that during the last one year, the young men named Liton, Ilyach Master, Shimul and Roni of the area raped her in turn. Due to which she became pregnant.

Meanwhile, the groom’s mother said that her son works in a private company in Dhaka. They did not know any such information before the son’s marriage. They were surprised to see the condition of the son’s wife on the wedding night. Later that night, she was initially tested and confirmed to be pregnant. The boy divorced the girl that night. The next day, on February 3, she was tested again at a diagnostic center in the city and received an ultrasound report that she was 8 months pregnant. Later the girl’s family came and took her that day.

Meanwhile, after taking the bride home, criticism started among people and outsiders came and wanted to know about the incident. At one point the people of the house asked them to leave the house. Due to which Smriti and her family members left home on February 7.

Local Union Parishad (UP) Chairman. Jasim Uddin Swapan Miyaji said, no one told me about such incidents. I have heard from people. The girl’s father is a day laborer and those who have mentioned the rape through various channels are very scoundrels. But I can’t say whether rape is involved

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